Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Overflowing Blessings

We were gone for two weeks ... and we arrived back home at just the perfect time. Our garden was overflowing with goodness. Our first day home we enjoyed a meal of freshness, straight from the garden - cucumbers, green beans, and potatoes. It was heavenly.

And our time away for two weeks was heavenly, as well. Eleven days with other Cru staff - enjoying His Words, fresh and alive. Speakers full of wisdom and encouragement for us as staff. Connections with other staff that warmed our souls, and refreshed us for the weeks and months ahead.

We are grateful. And we will be processing and integrating all that we learned into our hearts and minds in the days and weeks ahead. 

"Be prepared to be blessed bountifully by My Presence,
for I am a God of unlimited abundance.
Open your heart and mind 
to receive more and more of Me."
(Jesus Calling)

Thank You, Lord, for blessing us, above and beyond all that we longed for during our staff conference. Overflowing blessings ...

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