Sunday, July 24, 2011

Filled Up

By Poudre River near Fort Collins 

So thankful for the opportunity to hear from God through many speakers and leaders during these nine days of staff conference here in beautiful Colorado. My journal is filled with notes, and my heart is overflowing with thanks.

Thank You, Lord, for these words of wisdom this past week (sharing a few of the many things I wrote in my journal):

~ "when we find ourselves in need of finances and in need of more manpower, we are right where God wants us, totally dependent on Him".

~ "operate out of brokenness, not out of giftedness"

~ "when faced with trials and difficulties, remember that God is not picking on me, but perfecting me."

~ "we are in 100% perfect standing with God"

~ "stamped next to our name in the Lambs Book of Life = Righteous!"

~ "don't listen to people so much - listen to the Holy Spirit and to the Book"

~ "is Jesus my life? is He the most important thing in my life, or is He my life?"

~ "global community of caring Christians passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ"

~ "everything depends on my time alone with God"

~ "be in His Word - our life needs to come to us personally from God"

~ "God will do great things through you if you are willing to be lonely"

~ "go for the 'more' we long for"

~ "focus on being a bond-servant of Jesus, not on what position we're in"

~ "experience the Gospel ourselves"

~ "it's His story"

~ "don't fall in love with the work/ministry we are in, but fall in love with the One who called us"

~ "don't run from our pain, but run to it, for Jesus will be there"

~ "not do more, but be more"

~ "be transformed by the renewing of our minds; renew our minds in the Word"

(One Thousand Gifts #552-570)

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  1. thanks for sharing, mom! i'm so glad that you are having such a good time. what great notes. and i love that picture of you, too.

  2. What a fabulous list! I loved your statement on God perfecting us and not picking on us - wonderful to remember. And I completely related to not listening to others, but rather to His word. I experienced that very thing this past week.

  3. Wow! It sounds like you are having quite the mountaintop time. So many good thoughts you share here. And that photo? Gorgeous! I"m glad you linked up to Playdates today--your post has blessed and refreshed! Now I am ready for a retreat of my own...

  4. Visiting from Ann's place today. I love these quotes. Operating out of brokenness -- this is so key. God uses our brokenness to bring Him glory. I've been here in this place all too often. And the whole "being" more. Oh yes, I am working on that one too! I will visit again!

  5. So many good truths shared today. The beautiful photo is a perfect compliment to the words--looks like you're reflecting on all written here.

  6. As one who is in her last week of work, this one really struck me: "when we find ourselves in need of finances and in need of more manpower, we are right where God wants us, totally dependent on Him".

    I've been here before and I know it's true! Leaning on His promises...

  7. many good ones here. I love 'everything depends on our time alone with God' and 'operate out of brokenness not out of giftedness'. Great things to think on.

  8. Hi there! Love the, "Operate out of brokeness and not giftedness"....I have struggled with that point for a very long time with my stress and anxiety and the idea of perfection. I need to remember this - thanks for sharing :)


  9. My husband was on Crusade staff (Cru) before we married . . . ages ago and he still speaks so highly of Fort Collins and staff conference. I have two friends now, so the conference has been on my mind. Loved reading your list.


  10. I'm glad you linked up with these two as well...I love both Jen and Laura and well, you know I love you! It was rich for me to read back through your highlights of this precious time we have shared:) We are so privileged to be a part of this, aren't we? We can never remember enough His Great Love and those that lead us to His Great Love...I truly, truly 'thank MY GOD upon my EVERY remembrance of you.' much love, Abby:)