Friday, August 27, 2010

New Beginnings

Photo taken along Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
This time of year, even more so than at the start of a new calendar year, calls me to "new beginnings". Maybe it is because, with six children, the beginning of a new school year held the feeling of a fresh start, the anticipation of new focus.

Now that we are in our "empty nest" years, and no longer have back-to-school preparations for our children, I still continue to have that sense of new beginnings at this time of the year. Our work with Student Venture also adds to this, as our ministry with high school students is closely tied to the rhythms of the school year.

So this feeling of starting fresh at this time of year is just in my blood. It has been a good summer ... so many things to thank God for. And now as we start a new season, I have been taking some time to reflect and also to look forward with anticipation to what God has in store.

A few of the things that are on my mind at the start of this new season:

~ a longing to connect even deeper with God each day, reading His Word, listening

~ serving alongside my husband, and encouraging him (and both of us) to take time to rest

~ time for cooking and baking this fall and in the coming holiday seasons (I love this time of year!)

~ connections with our grown children / and also with grandkids

~ organizing and decorating a "toy room" downstairs ... more room for grandkids when they come over

~ joining a community women's group this fall, going through a very powerful study called "Live a Praying Life" ... I have gone through half of this study already, on my own, and am greatly looking forward to being able to go through it with a group now

~ being more faithful with exercising, and starting a plan where Gary and I are accountable in this

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