Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trip to Texas (Part 4)

Sharing the 4th post - and 7th digital scrapbook page - of our recent trip to see family in Dallas. Capturing memories, and holding them close ...

I love this last photo which one of our daughter's captured after we had eaten at a Braum's for lunch. The others were moving things around between the vehicles before we loaded up again - and for a brief minute the five little ones were sitting with me along the curb. Such good memories ... so blessed to be grama.


  1. Cherry, I clicked on over via Glenda Childers on Facebook. Oh, I know the joys and miracles of getting all the grandkids in one shot (we have 5) :-)

    This is such a joyful picture.

  2. What fun! We're all split up in several states as well so know many of the same feelings. The kids and cousins get together periodically and love it and I love all the grand photos. And I am blessed to go to each family periodically. And someday, in heaven, we'll all be together always :) Blessings!