Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Dream Trip Begins

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Tomorrow we will be on our way to Italy, on our more-than-we-dreamed-possible 40th Anniversary Trip! We are pinching ourselves to see if this really is for real. And soon it will be. Our hearts are full of praise and thanks to God for making this trip possible! And, our thanks to our youngest son, Lance, who brought up the idea of our going to Italy for our trip! Joining up with him on part of his travels through Europe - we would not have thought of making this trip without his encouragement.

After about 18 hours of air travel, we will arrive in Rome on Tuesday morning. We'll stay overnight at Independence Square Inn, right near the main Rome Termini train station. And the following morning, we will travel by Eurail train to ... Venice! The city that has canals and waterways for streets, and where the main transportation within the city is by vaporetto (water buses). We'll meet up with Lance at a train station in Venice, and then travel together by vaporetti to the place we will stay for the next three days and nights while we explore this fascinating, unique city.

Our focus these next 17 days will be on enjoying each other and the beautiful land of Italy. We will have internet connections at various places we will be staying at, and if time permits, I will be posting photos and words here on my blog - recording our memories made, and sharing, for our family and friends to enjoy a taste of this amazing trip. Thanks for all the encouragement you have given us to make this dream a reality.

Could we ask you to pray for us - that God will use these 17 days to refresh us, and also that He will take our joy and excitement as an offering of thanksgiving to Him for the 40 years He has given us together. And also, that the time spent together with our son will be filled with unforgettable memories. 

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