Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Heart of a Mother {Forever Close)

Mother ~ one of the most beautiful words in the world.

How do you capture the emotions, the depth, of what it means to be a mother?

In that moment when we acquire the beautiful name of "mother" - there is something added to our makeup; we are changed forever. It's as if we have entered into a miracle. Not only having been given the privilege to observe a miracle, but we are given the awesome privilege of being part of a miracle.

Whether it was that breathtaking moment when we discovered that we were pregnant - or the joyful, tear-filled moment when we held our newborn in our arms for the first time, or that unbelievable  moment of ultimate joy when our baby was placed in our arms through adoption - we were forever changed. Something in our heart, our mind, in the very core of who we are, changed. And the change is not reversible. We are forever changed - we are a mother, forever.

There are pivotal times in life - monumental times - that mark who we are. Of foremost importance, there is the time when we come face to face with our Creator, and we bend our knees and hearts to His control, His shaping, His Love. And we are forever changed.

Then, as wives, there is the moment when we become one with the one God has given us to share life with, for His purposes. And we no longer live our days watching out for our own interests, but we are joined with another person to become one, watching out for each other's interests. Sharing life, sharing love - an intimacy closer than any other.

And with mothering -
 when we are part of giving life to another, of creating life, 
and given the privilege and responsibility of caring for and shaping life - 
a precious little one who has been entrusted to our care - 
we are tasting of something beyond ourselves,
we are part of a miracle.

We are given a glimpse into eternity, 
for the little life we have been entrusted with is part of a 
that is almost beyond our ability to even grasp.

Mothering - a part in this giving of life, in this shaping of a life - and we will never be the same. We are part of His creating, His nurturing of life, His miracle. A touch and taste of forever.

And because of this touch and taste, 
and this part in the forming of a life -
we are forever close to God, 
and we are forever close to our precious child. 

Please join me on (most) Thursdays, as we celebrate this privileged role of mothering. Some posts will be sweet and sentimental, some will be challenging, some will be practical - and all will be celebrating this most sacred of roles - mothering

Forever Close: The Heart of a Mother

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(Photos: our youngest daughter, and her newborn daughter - our tenth sweet grand baby - photos taken March 2012) 

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  1. Another beautiful grandbaby! You are a blessed women indeed.

    A mother forever -- I felt that anew just this morning. When my freshman baby away at college texted me that she felt awful, my mother's heart wanted to bridge the physical distance between us and go pick her up from class. But I couldn't. So my heart just ached at home instead. (Thankfully she has improved as the day has progressed.)

  2. Those are some sweet photos! Ones to be treasured for sure.

  3. I am looking forward to reading more of this series, Cherry. It's definitely one that is close to my heart! Your grandbaby is beautiful!

  4. I love being a mom ... through the highs and lows. I look forward to your series.


  5. Wonderful article - thanks for expressing how so many mothers feel.