Quieting My Heart

As I have shared on my Welcome page, the core of my writing during this current season of blogging is to take from my spiritual journal, and share from my heart about the things that are impacting me in my personal quiet moments with God. Writing out what I am learning as I quiet my heart before God, as I spend time reading His Word. I often share these short little devo posts on Instagram first, and then also share them here on my blog. 

I pray that these little devo posts will be an encouragement and blessing to you. If possible, read them when you have time to pause, time to read them slowly, and have time to reflect on the words. 

Quieting My Heart ...

Summer 2017

Weekend Readings
Weekend Readings
At the Start of a New Week
Who Do We Listen to the Most?
Our Extraordinary Life
My Safe Place of Refuge
Choose Joy
Our Constant Source of Honor

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